The State vs. Peace by Jeff Knaebel

“We are passing to our children a degraded planet and a culture of obscenity, violence, deceit and corruption. How did this come to be?

  • Could it be the institution of Sovereign Immunity pursuant to which agents of State can commit any crime against humanity without fear of retribution?
  • Could it be the illusion that the State – which Gandhi described as a soulless machine founded upon organized and concentrated violence – can provide security and peace?
  • Could it be the self-deception that Power will attract good men who are morally incorruptible?
  • Could it be the cunningly manufactured deception that our security and peace are best guaranteed by a gang of criminals calling themselves a government and taking our earnings by forcible taxation?
  • Could it be the creation of the legal construct of the corporation which shields owners and directors from personal liability for their destructive actions against the human commons? Personal accountability tends to limit irresponsible behavior.
  • Could it be the illusion that we can shirk our personal responsibilities and pass them off to institutions funded by other people’s money which was taken from them by force?
  • Could it be that The Lie – endemic to politics – has everywhere permeated society?

What is the State if not a monopoly on violence?

Can violence create peace? Have we forgotten that means creates end?

Ask yourself this about your relationship with the State:

  • Does it murder?
  • Does it finance this murder with my taxes?
  • Am I therefore responsible?
  • Do I finance it voluntarily of my free will?
  • If not, then does that make me a slave?
  • Why do I pay a gang of thieves to enslave me, to commit murder in my name, to keep secret what it does with its stolen wealth?
  • Why do I support the State in crimes for which any citizen would be jailed or hung?

Intelligent people are gathered at this seminar. Similar seminars are held around the world.

Yet, murder and planetary destruction continue in our name.

What does this say about us?”



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