Great interviews of the 20th century: Marlon Brando interviewed by Truman Capote | Books |,,2154887,00.html

Truman Capote’s interview of Marlon Brando, circa 1957. Be still, my heart.

“Anyway, I have friends. No. No, I don’t,” he said, verbally shadowboxing. “Oh, sure I do,” he decided. “Some I don’t hold out on. I let them know what’s happening. You have to trust somebody. Well, not all the way … Do you know how I make a friend?” He leaned a little toward me. “I go about it very gently. I circle around and around. Then, gradually, I come nearer. Then I reach out and touch them, ah, so gently…” His fingers grazed my arm. “Then,” he said, “I draw back. Wait awhile. Make them wonder. At just the right moment, I move in again. Touch them. Circle.” Now his hand travelled in a rotating pattern, as though it held a rope. “Before they realise it, they’re all entangled, involved.”


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