All of us sitting there, we had all together one spirit or soul; at least that is what I learned.
I instantly became the spirit and I was their spirit or soul.
Whatever they thought of, I (immediately) knew.
I did not have to speak to them and get an answer to know what their thoughts had been.
Then I thought of a certain place, far away, and
immediately I was there; I was my thought.

I looked around and noticed how everything seemed about me,
and when I opened my eyes I was myself in the body again.
From this time on, I thought, thus I shall be.
This is the way they are, and I am only beginning, to be that way.
“All those that heed Earth-maker (God) must be thus,” I thought.
“I would not need any more food,” I thought, “for was I not my spirit?
Nor would I have any more use of my body,” I felt.
“My corporeal affairs are over,” I felt.


About Klassy

How Klassy got her groove back.

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