Alpha_Dog’s Journal

This journal narrates a post-apocalyptic undead play-by-play scenario via real-time blogging. Unfortunately, it is not ongoing any more. It’s still a pretty mad read. What’s amazing is that if even if you take the i persona’s journal entries out of the post-apocalypse context, you find yourself identifying with his sentiments like this, for example. And this one, this one, and this one too.

Also, the writer fashioned a wicked survival book blog of all the materials and techniques you’ll need to equip yourself with, in the sudden case of a disease outbreak, civil uprising, or natural disaster:

The first journal entry is here, unless you want to read it backwards from Update 246 down to the very beginning.

In his LJ profile page, he lists his only interest:



1 x Commando II – Compound X Bow + 46 Bolts
1 x Fury Tanto Combat Knife
1 x 29oz Weighted Aluminum Baseball Bat
1 x HD Steel Cosh
1 x HD Crowbar
3 x Pepper Spray
3 x CS Gas
2 x Anti-Dog Spray / Pepper Fog
3 x HD Duct Tape
2 x Black Ski Mask
1 x Pro 26 Frequency Scanner
1 x Sony Vaio Laptop
1 x Sony N/V Camcorder
2 x Mobile Phone
1 x Handheld TV
1 x Pocket Blowtorch / Windproof Lighter

1 x SA80-L85A1 Rifle
6 x SA80-L85A1 30 Round Magazines
374 x 5.56mm Ammo

1 x Heckler & Koch USP Pistol
6 x Magazines / 4 x 10 Round Mag/ 2 X 15 Round Mag
120 x 9mm Ammo

1 x Glock 17 Pistol
2 x Magazines / 2 x 10 Round Mag
44 x 9mm Ammo

1 x Beretta M84 Pistol
2 x Magazines / 2 x 13 Round Mags
66 x 9mm Ammo

5 x MP5 30 Round Magazines
1 x MP5 30 Round Magazine – Empty


1 x GS_MK6 Kevlar Helmet
1 x SA80 Cleaning Kit
1 x SA80 Bayonet
1 x DPM Lightweight Body Armour
2 x S10 Gasmask
1 X 250,000 Volt Stun Gun
1 X Quantum V1 Blue Moonspot Laser LED Light
1 X Surefire Z2 Combat Light
1 X 18” Machete
2 X Motorala T5920 Talkabout 5 Mile Walkie Talkie
1 X Sony Cybershot DSC-P51 Digital Camera
1 X Buck Diamondback Knife
1 X 75 Feet / 9mm Black Climbing Rope


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