The Other World | Alterati: The Inside Scoop on the Outside Culture

“We are told that documentaries should be produced objectively, never-mind that the camera itself merely provides a proxy of subjective experience, and can lie through omission just as easily as our eyes can. Apparently Jan Kounen didn’t come in to school that day, and for that we can be happy.”

Oh, Jan Kounen, I so adore you.
First, a manic dizzy-up-the-girl deconstruction of Red Riding Hood, and now this.
You are indelible love.

The Other World is available here in full-length free streaming.
Note: See, Kounen also directed a short-subject kitsch musical retelling of Red Riding Hood called Le dernier chaperon rouge, starring Emmanuelle Beart. It was love at first sight for me. If anyone can nick a free streaming copy of it or a free torrent download WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES, please let me know; send me a PM. My only copy of it is on bootleg VHS video, recorded off TV5Asie. I would really appreciate the kind gesture, thank you.



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