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Now they are making arrests for simply linking back to streaming media. It’s a godfucking witch hunt (see also: OiNK arrests). Why don’t you copyright cocksuckers just burn the entire internet down while you’re at it.

“I’ve already written extensively about how what we’re seeing isn’t pirate culture but the cultural drive toward archival, that we should be championing amatuer (sic) librarians rather than fining and incarcerating pirates, so I’ll try to keep my rants to a minimum here and simply round up the coverage on TV-L and OiNK raids, both of which are being seriously mis-represented in the mainstream news coverage.

Thank the gods there’s a voice of reason on the Guardian website for the UK. Here’s Jack Schofield’s posts on these matters:

TV Links Shut Down for Linking
Perhaps I am already breaking the law by linking to Google, YouTube, TV Links, Pirate Bay and other sites that link to illegal content because this must also count as contributing to “the facilitation of copyright infringement on the internet” — and, by the way, I expect you are breaking the law if you link to or even read this story.

“You fucking idiots.

I’m talking to you, yeah you, the people building cases on behalf of corporate entities to restrict the growth and development of music and culture.

You can smell your own death, you know it’s only a few years until the world you know collapses around you and no I’m not talking environmental disaster – I’m talking middleman management.

The new model of advertising, of selling, of marketing, isn’t from the top down but from within the smart swarms, the reputations, the believable repeaters, the providers and content generators.

To rely on the old media marketplace despite the proven growth patterns developing in the wake of new technology is a unique insanity wherein which old money is manipulating institutionalized old media attitudes to prevent its extinction.

Let it die. There is no theft here, nothing was lost, nothing was stolen, and new models for media economy needs to be put into place immediately. The next generation has seen through the bullshit and how it’s all rigged, you realize.”


Just so you know I’m prepared to go down with the ship if ever the shit hits the fan (so long as my family isn’t dragged into this). I’m not afraid and I don’t really live for anything much anyway. The only value taught to me growing up which I preserve to this day is that of sharing. There are no limits to this value, like that of love; it’s unconditional. If you share with some reservation or under some condition, then you are greedy, you are selfish, you’re in it for the money, you are a whore, and
you are the real thief.
Rule of thumb to all artists: If you don’t want your work “stolen” (read: distributed for free via alternative media), then don’t publish/produce/record it for all the world to see. Keep it to your self where it’s safe, displayed in your glass case, under lock and key.


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