The Project Gutenberg eBook of Vocational Guidance for Girls, by Marguerite Stockman Dickson

“A school garden. The possibilities for good through school-garden work are numberless.”

“Play hours as well as work hours are invaluable in teaching the girl the difficult art of getting on with the world.”

“Games form an important part of the adolescent girl’s life. Games must be carefully distinguished from the more general term play. All play not solitary has recognized social value; games, because the idea of contest is involved, have a special value of their own. Close observation of young children in their games, especially when unsupervised, shows us self supreme. According to temperament, the child either pushes his way savagely to the goal or furtively seeks to win by cunning and craft. He must win, regardless of the process. How many of these unsupervised games end in “I sha’n’t play,” in angry bursts of tears, or even in blows! How many fail upon close scrutiny to show some less assertive child, who never wins, who is never “chosen,” who might better not be playing at all than never to “have his turn”!”

“The influence of the librarian extends far beyond the walls of the library.”



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