“I suffer for my art / bartender”

My favorite song of the week sends me on a trip so right. Lyrics, hip; Music, oldskool1980somethingnewwavepopglam – though the phrase, “powder my nose” (lulz) was bleeped out, and replaced with “launder my clothes”. Ridiculous! What a travesty.

Anyway I discovered this song just a while ago leafing through my mum’s old cassette tapes from the ’80s, when she was in her twenties lol, and I just went wild when I played it. Kinda weird to think she listened to songs like this, but I guess she was one cool cat after all. Everybody’s got a monkeeeeey, everybody is a junkieeeee, Mum too, back in nineteen-eighteeeeee.


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How Klassy got her groove back.

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