The Kalevala Index

Now, that Aino, the young maid
young Joukahainen’s sister
went for a broom from the grove
and for bath-whisks from the scrub;
broke off one for her father
another for her mother
gathered a third too
for her full-blooded brother.
She was just stepping homeward
tripping through alders
when old Vainamoinen came.
He saw the maid in the grove
the fine-hemmed in the grass
and uttered a word, spoke thus:
‘Don’t for anyone, young maid
except me, young maid
wear the beads around your neck
set the cross upon your breast
put your head into a braid
bind your hair with silk!’

The maid put this into words:
‘Not for you nor anyone
do I wear crosses upon
my breast, tie my hair with silk.
I don’t care for cogware, for
wheat slices I don’t complain:
I live in tight clothes
I grow on breadcrusts
by my good father
with my dear mother’.

She wrenched the cross from her breast
and the rings from her finger
the beads she shook from her neck
and the red threads off her head
left them on the ground for the ground’s sake
in the grove for the grove’s sake
and went weeping home
wailing to the farm.


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