El Perrito Vive


This “artist” starves a dog to death and deems it a work of art.

This artist disgusts me — and his unspeakably cruel approach, hiding behind the shield of “art” and “Do-Not-Censor-Me,” just makes my blood boil. This makes me so unaccountably angry. A human being should know better. Shame on this artist for doing this and shame on all those who defend him. I understand freedom of speech is important. I even understand the need for fighting censorship in expression. But should these concepts extend to needlessly causing a living sentient creature to suffer? If a person wants to sit down and starve themselves for the sake of their art, that is one thing as they have free will, and can do as they please no matter the cost of their own form.

But when you force your will upon the well beings of others — on such creatures that have no voice or the ability to defend themselves? Shame on you. And shame on the heartless individuals who walked by this suffering creature and DID NOTHING. May you fucking rot you pieces of shit. I know I can’t walk by a homeless person, and not offer them half of whatever food I’m carrying or at least some loose change.


(It would have been more meaningful if the artist had tied himself up and starved to death.)


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