“No, something better must be found, a better reason, for this to stop, another word, a better idea, to put in the negative, a new no, to cancel all the others, all the old noes that buried me down here, deep in this place which is not one, which is merely a moment for the time being eternal, which is called here, and in this being which is called me and is not one, and in this impossible voice, all the old noes dangling in the dark and swaying like a ladder of smoke, yes, a new no, that none says twice, whose drop will fall and let me down, shadow and babble, to an absence less vain than inexistence. Oh I know it won’t happen like that, I know that nothing will happen, that nothing has happened and that I’m still, and particularly since the day I could no longer believe it, what is called flesh and blood somewhere above in their gonorhoeal light, cursing myself heartily. And that is why, when comes the hour of those who knew me, it’s as though I were among them, that is what I had to say, among them watching me approach, then watching me recede, shaking my head and saying, is their company along a road that is not mine and with every step takes me further from that other not mine either, or remaining alone where I am, between two parting dreams, knowing none, known of none, that finally is what I had to say, that is all I can have had to say, this evening.”

{ Beckett }


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How Klassy got her groove back.

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