Perhaps the greatest reward in life comes from facing — not just facing these fears as merely accepting them as one of life’s quirks and hiccups — but in actually doing the things that scare you the most.

See, it’s like this.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote:
“You cannot run away from weakness. You must fight it out. Or perish. And if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?”

I’ve always believed that time will not stop for you. The world will not slow down for you.

Every day we wait is another day we cannot take back. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. Every nanosecond.

Furthermore, in an interview in 1978, Etienne Decroux once said:

“A revolution is constructive. It’s active. It rises up. It takes energy to make a revolution of whatever kind. And one must suffer for that. A revolution is not a liberation from chains, it is a changing of chains. It consists of breaking with obligations that seem bad and adopting other obligations that seem better. I would even say that liberty is the right to choose one’s restraints. That’s what liberty is.”

A great writer, whose name I will not reveal, once wrote in quite a spellbinding masterpiece:

“– had I needed to search so long? Why had I expected a teaching that would come from outside myself? Why had I expected the world to justify itself to me, and prove its meaning and purity? It was for me to justify the world by loving and forgiving it, to discover its meaning through love, to purify it through forgiveness.

They went on beating me, but I learned to pray while the screams issued mechanically from my ill-used body — wordless prayers to a universe that could be a person, a being, a multitude or something utterly strange, who could say?

If I love the world as it is, I am already changing it: a first fragment of the world has been changed, and this is my own heart.

These are my breadcrumbs. So that I may not lose my way.

And if I should lose my way, if birds should feast on my breadcrumbs and I never find my way back, I should accept this, and be ready to walk another path, and keep throwing more breadcrumbs. For my self, and to share with the birds.

Yes. I believe in The Absurd.

I am only also human. I cry. I bleed. I hurt. I break.
If I can do it, seek courage and live it every day, so can you.

We are not so different from each other.

You. All of you who read this, you can find this courage inside you too, to win your own battles, whatever it is.

Your move. Your move now.

If all of life is a game, so be it. Let us play. Let us allow the game to heal us.

Your move. Your move now.


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