Come here. I shall tell you teh truth.


The truth of course is that there is no truth. The truth is something we all believe in. So let’s begin again with another word. Like, blue. Blue. Okay.

The truth is that the sky is blue. But no one ever thinks: “Maybe it’s not blue”.

To some animals, the sky is not blue. But to us, it is blue, which makes it true in our vision.

Blue is a word. Words describe things, and things in turn describe who we are and who we are is who we choose to be.

People have a habit of placing categories and labels. People are good or bad, black or white, religious or non-religious, beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid. Gray areas do exist, but only a few people choose to acknowledge that fact, bravely. It is easier to think in extremes. Most religions espouse this view of seeing things in black and white. There is, in their view, only good or evil.

But many people and religions do not realize that maybe it can all exist together. That maybe there is no “good” or “evil”, just different types of energy. Maybe the only truth is: everything that exists, is existing. That to me seems to be the only consistent idea in this world.

To clarify my thinking: there is no such thing as one truth relative to subjective things; for example, religion. Things such as math or science do tend to have one truth associated with them; for example, 1+2=3.

No matter where you go in (this) universe, or what words you use, 1+2 will always equal 3. 1+2 will never equal 4 in the universe we live in. In another universe, perhaps this is different, but this is not conceivable to us because we have no way to grasp an utterly different physical universe while we are in this one.

Many people, knowing the fact that there is one truth for things such as simple addition, assume that there must be one, singular way of thought, religion, or way of life that is the only true way of living.

This does not make sense to me.

There is no way that every person on the earth could live by one truth and one truth alone. It would never work for the simple fact that every person is a different world. Even blind conformists have a diversity among them.

Perception is the difference between people. The view changes from where you are standing. People will perceive truth in their own way, and there is no way any one will ever be able to change that.

The truth is just something we all agree on.


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