Senses of Cinema

People often ask me why not get into the filmmaking industry, being that I’m such a big movie nerd and all. I just tell them, the movies are too important to me for me to get into the craft, and they don’t understand what I mean by it. They just don’t get it.

But see. It’s like this: I want to film something that will mean something to someone.

I want to shoot the caress of a fading summer. Or the movement of body on body – violent or tender; perhaps even both at the same time. Or a close-up of an eye holding back the fright of some very painful tears. Or blind faith. Or the excruciating fear of eerie things that go bump in the night. Or that final exhale just before a human being succumbs to his death, as though he had completed orating a masterpiece. Or just this single moment of pure clarity.

And if I’m going to shoot it, I want to capture it well.

It’s, like, when you go into a theater, and you see an incredible film for the first time with an audience. Nobody is saying anything. Everyone’s eyes are glued to the screen, but every one is thinking the same thing: that they have something to believe in again — how these shots are strung together into a complete breathing picture which will change their lives forever, for better or for worse. They finally have something to believe in again.

Filmmaker Francois Truffaut once declared, “The film of tomorrow will be an act of love.”

I want to film that feeling by being completely loyal to that very sentiment.

But I can’t.

And if I can’t be good at it, then I wouldn’t want to ruin it.

The magic of the movies is too important to me.

So those who can’t do, merely sit back and watch.

I am contented to just be a spectator, and to love it from a distance. To sit still, not lifting a finger, to watch the moving images flow and unfold, to lose my self in the form and substance behind these images, to frolic in the playground minds of these madmen they call filmmakers through their indelible body of work.

I love the movies. I love the people of the movies, those who are brave enough to pick up a camera, a pen, a mic, a lighting rig, an entire persona, editing rollers, and make movies. I do. I love the movies without reservation. But by saying I love it “without reservation” is a lie actually, because I only love it from the outside looking in.


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