BBC NEWS | UK | Writer Arthur C Clarke dies at 90

Rest easy, sir.

It always seemed surreal to me that I was sharing a planet and breathing the same contaminated air with THE man who had invented the geosynchronous satellite. It seems so obvious now.


Also, us Discovery-Channel-era-kids of the lolskool 1990s remember Clarke as the man who hosted two mind-boggling, warped shows about the paranormal, but let us remember this great person for writing some pretty neat science fiction stories back in the day.

His stories are from another time, sure, but pleasantly so. I assume the science fiction genre was inspiring back in the day; now, in our present day, if it does, it’s merely in spite of a plausible extrapolation of the kind of hell we’re speeding toward. This sort of thing has been replaced by bad TV or bad movies now. Back then they had Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. Now we have shows like Supernatural. Compare the two, and the latter is pure failure.

Anyway, let’s do a rundown, shall we…

Clarke, dead.
Lem, dead.
Adams, dead.
Vonnegut, dead.
Dick, dead.
Barthelme, dead.
Thompson, dead.


Watts, Stephenson, Gibson, Hofstadter, Stross, Ellis, Rucker, Gaiman, Morrison — watch your backs.



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