On her white breast a sparkling cross she wore,
Which Jews might kiss, and Infidels adore.

{ Alexander Pope }

Dora Maar and Nusch Eluard, by Eileen Agar.
I love this picture of Dora Maar and Nusch Eluard. It was taken by photographer Eileen Agar at Juan les Pins in 1937.

I love how Nusch Eluard is photographed with the cigarette hanging out of her lips. Skinny little thing, but with wildfire in her eyes and in between her thighs. She was Paul Eluard’s wife, though in this same summer this photograph was taken, photographer Eileen Agar had an affair with Paul Eluard. But Nusch was said to have had affairs with Man Ray, who also photographed her in the nude, and Picasso anyway.

In the photograph next to her is Dora Maar, lush, curvy all over and beautiful. She was one of Pablo Picasso’s lovers and muse, but an artist in her own right. Some say Picasso destroyed her. I fear she probably destroyed herself.

Vintage bdsm pin-up queen Bettie Page at her most beautiful.
I like her best like this, simply wild and free, no ropes, no gags, no fishnets, no whips. She is kind of the best.

I suddenly miss having the taste of sea air in my mouth, blinking to the sting of salt water in my eyes,
and being violently rocked by waves breaking over and pulling me down. Suddenly I miss the beach.

I screamed at him furiously:


– Charles Baudelaire, piss-drunk
(I am not making this up. It’s true.)


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