Benjamin Péret

The Four Elements

Benjamin Péret in the act of insulting a priest.

More Péret lulz?

New Superstitions
by Benjamin Péret

He who sleeps with the Pope requires long feet.

When passing a cemetery, throw some rubbish over the wall, this brings good luck.

Cupboards left open bring good luck.

Giving dogs extracted teeth to chew brings good luck.

Seeing an army officer is bad luck.
Hold your nose till he has passed by.

Keep the bone of the first sardine eaten in the year, to ensure no money worries.

If you see a priest being beaten, make a wish.

Look away when you pass a laundry, or you’ll have bad luck.

For good luck, nail up consecrated hosts in the toilet.

Pluck a hair from a neighing horse: good luck.

When you see a flag, turn away and spit to avert the evil eye.

For good luck break your toothpicks after use.

When passing a police station, sneeze loudly to avoid misfortune.

In the autumn, light the first fire in the hearth with a crucifix, this brings good fortune.



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