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K: What, do you mean Guitar Hero?
A: nooo not guitar hero –> GITAROOMAN!
A: it’s the most amazing game ever made
A: you’re a Japanese kid with a weird dog who one day tells you that you are Gitarooman and when he plays the guitar he grows to be a 14 feet tall superhero
K: lulz, I think I’ve heard of it.
K: Now. To GET a copy.
A: and the dog turns into a BOOMBOX that shoots tapes. Each board is a different style of music such as 80s metal, techno, disco, reggae
K: LULZ that’s some awesome shit. Is there hip-hop? lol
A: when you fight a boss you have to do these insane solos with your guitar, one of the bosses is a guy in a bee suit on the disco board who’s name os Mojo King Bee
K: Wicked. I want a dog who can turn into a boombox!!! I can do without growing 14 feet tall, but hook me up with a dog like that and I’ll take over this world.
K: Mojo King Bee!!!!111111!!!!
K: THAT’S where that’s from!
A: the ufos in the game are shaped like synthesizers
A: Japanese people come up with the most fucked up shit for games
A: It’s like Rent-A-Hero
A: You rent a suit and do superhero jobs for money
K: If I was Japanese I’d fear the irrationality I could create.
A: I fear the irrationality you can create as is


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