Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni

The antipathy began when Antonioni got me over to Rome without telling me what he wanted me to do. Then he shows me film of this big sex scene in a desert, and I said, “Hey man, I don’t do no skin flicks.” I should have flown back straightaway. I’m too Victorian. It scared me, made me sick. Antonioni starts describing the scene.

“John,” he says, “This is young love. But it’s in the desert. And what’s in the desert, John? Death, John, death! So it’s death and love and death and love and death and love and death and love and death and love and death and love…”

And I said, “Yeah, sure I can do that!” Not realizing I was working for a madman.

So I composed his sex-desert-death music and he said it was great, and then he took me out to dinner and started telling me how much he hated the USA and Americans, and kept talking about sex and death. To me it seemed impolite.

Well, we were both drinking, and I don’t exactly remember who threw the first punch, probably him. We got in a fist fight and fell on the ground, but we were too drunk to really hit each other, just rolling on the floor in this expensive Italian restaurant.

Anyhow, Antonioni got up and ran away, and then I flew back to the USA. He took my music out of the movie, and hired in Jerry Garcia instead. Which is another reason why I hate him and why, I think, Zabriskie Point ended up as one of the 100 worst movies ever made.

{ John Fahey }
on the late Michelangelo Antonioni



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