John Cages 433″

So maybe Man Ray was right. There is no progress in art.

Nevertheless, although I respect Haydn for giving the Sonata form to Mozart, Beethoven, and posterity, that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy listening to him.

Similarly with John Cage. He doubtless provided a needed breath of fresh air, and helped to lead out of the dead-end of “serialism” (bear in mind that just because there is no progress does not mean that things cannot be temporarily new), and opened perhaps a number of minds, and I respect him for this.

I respect him for giving Steve Reich his tape loops and the Olivia Tremor Control their found sounds, and all that.

That said, everything said in this John Cage piece about music could be more fruitfully applied to a pack of cigarettes, each of which should indeed be an aesthetic “happening” causing you to stop and pay attention to things as they are within a limited frame.

So, stumblers all, should necessity truly be placed over beauty in matters of art? Discuss.




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