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What a beautiful motherfucker. This guy wins —


“The events at the University led Lermontov to seriously reconsider his career choice. From 1830 to 1834 he attended the cadets school in Saint Petersburg, and in due course he became an officer in the guards. There Lermontov got a chance to show his incredible strength: he and another junior officer would tie steel ramrods, as if they were simple ropes, into knots, until they were caught at this task . When they were caught doing it, by General Schlippenbach he yelled them “What are you kids doing, pulling pranks like these?” and since then Lermontov would laugh: “Such kids! to tie steel ramrods into knots!”

At that time he began writing poetry.”


“On July 25, 1841, at Pyatigorsk, fellow army officer Nikolai Martynov, who felt hurt by one of Lermontov’s jokes, challenged Lermontov to a duel. The duel took place two days later at the foot of Mashuk mountain. Lermontov chose the edge of a precipice for the duel, so that if either combatant was wounded, he would fall down the cliff. Lermontov was killed by Martynov’s first shot.”

Lermontov also enjoyed painting mountains.

Aside from his poetry, go read his prose. Hit up his series of stories following the military raconteur Pechorin.



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