ASLSP – John-Cage-Orgelprojekt Halberstadt

More John Cage. I keep saying I don’t have to like him to listen to his music, but I seem to be growing more fascinated with this man by the day so much that I would even like to play dolls with him.

Anyway, I was just reading about John Cage’s Organ 2/ASLSP that began in 2001 in Halberstadt, Germany, and is scheduled to conclude in 2640. (Funny — jumble those numbers up, and it brings you to Wong kar-Wai’s 2046.)

It’s adapted from a 20-minute piece for piano that Cage directed to be played “as slow as possible.”

After Cage’s death, a group of people decided to explore the possibilities of his direction, protracting the composition into a 639-year piece for organ.

It began with a year and a half of silence, and the first three notes took another year and a half to sound.
Apparently, the timeframe was chosen because the year 2000 marked 639 years since the construction of the first organ of the type still used.

You can eavesdrop here.

It’s soothing to think of a piece of music that takes this long to unfold. I also like that the specially built organ resembles a gallows, and that the church housing it is abandoned and decrepit all over.

Does everyone know about this? If you don’t know about this, then fix it.



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