Stumblers, a question. Which author do you wish you could discover for the first time again?

For me, it would have to be Angela Carter. Angela Carter, the mother of the postmodern fairy tale retelling, who messed with our childhood fairy tale memories, sprinkled in more spice than sugar, and weaved these bedtime tales into her own. She is an acquired taste; either you like it or you don’t: spit or swallow.

I don’t think I’ll ever quite find the same rush and delicious thrill of reading The Bloody Chamber again in any other work.

Sometimes books just seem to have been written for one. I think that is the search that avid readers are perpetually on: to find that one book that exists exclusively for them.

For me, there is A Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay, and then there is this.

I still recommend that you go out and get the book itself. But if you want a sampler, here is The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories in free full text.

Here, you’ll find an adaptation of the story of Bluebeard and his wife, with quite a slice-and-dice BDSM slant, two jaw-dropping adaptations of Beauty and the Beast that bends the genders, a whimsical erotic retelling of Puss in Boots, a haunting story based on the Erlking lore, an obscure adaptation of Snow White, a gritty adaptation of Sleeping Beauty that takes the material into a completely different place within the character’s psyche, and three adaptations of Red Riding Hood: one of the three has been adapted into a movie The Company of Wolves, whose screenplay was written by Angela Carter herself, and the other adaptation throws a bit of Alice in Wonderland into the concoction.

After reading, you might also enjoy this analysis of tense-switching in Carter’s work.


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