Crispin Glover on “Happy Days”

People make fun of me for nursing a big crush on Crispin Glover, but I absolutely refuse to justify my odd Pavlovian (show me Crispin, and I salivate) taste for the crazies, ie. there’s also Peter Lorre – but that’s a whole different story.

Still, can I just say that seeing this rare clip of him in Happy Days just gets my thumbs a-stumblin’ all excited? Thumbs up for the hair! Ohmygawdlookitthehair. The year of his appearance was 1983, the same year I was born. (It’s like the time I found out that Bob Dylan released The Infidels in 1983.) How wicked is that.

I’m tagging this as teen-life for the lulz.

Clips of him NEED to be fed to the StumbletronVideo, affixed with a crispin-glover tag. I would totally appreciate it.

I know I’m NOT the only one who has it bad for Crispin Glover around these parts of the innurnetz.

Thumbs up to you
if you do.


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