Janis Joplin, Gloria Swanson, Dick Cavett


Janis Joplin and Gloria Swanson on the same stage, circa 1970 on the Dick Cavett show. A wicked oddity, something you’ve probably never seen before.

0:44 into the clip is where the women both acknowledge each other. It’s amazing. Swanson nods her head politely at Joplin but in quite a regal way, “How do you do?”
Off camera, Joplin says something.
And Swanson goes, “I beg your pardon, what did you say?”
Cut to Joplin who is throwing her head back, laughing, casually saying to Swanson, “I said you were a silver-tongue devil.”

1:03 into the clip is some pretty funny stuff also:
“I wanna do his head,” Swanson says to Joplin, referring to Cavett. “You know what I mean by that?”


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