Video 48

A cool blog that collects vintage Philippine movie poster art.

Sad to say, classic Philippine cinema is an unchartered region in the realm of world cinema. I, too, have not had any access to many of the great Filipino films, mainly because archive celluloid preservation is not given much attention to back home in the Philippines.

The art of preserving and transferring old, fraying movie cells onto digital video discs for local and international release (including subtitle translation) is not quite developed yet, leaving the old classics to rot and languish in dusty old archive shelves.

I wish there was a way these films could see the light of day once again, and with a wider audience, but knowing the kind of respect given to Philippine culture by most Filipinos, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mere task of rescuing these dying films would be given a biased political color.

It’s sad, really.



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