Chartreuse liqueurs

Has anyone here tried Chartreuse?

This spirit is included in Des Esseintes‘ “mouth organ”. It has been written that green Chartreuse represents the major keys, while Benedictine represents the minor keys. What a mad wanker, Des Esseintes is.

(Okay, now I feel compelled to create a des-esseintes tag, being the sore Huysmans geek that I am.)

I imagine it would make a fine digestive, or perhaps it would be interesting in a cocktail, because of its green color and taste, based on what was written about it.

Searching through Google, the best information I can find suggests that it sits well with bourbon.

Any views on this rather decadent tipple? Personal “drunk-as-a-dandy-fuck” experiences you’d like to share? Thumb up (or down), or just be plain nonchalant, and review it. I’ll keep my eyes and thumbs peeled for follow-ups to this review.



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