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I just picked up A High Wind in Jamaica to read, and so far, I’m enjoying it.

Later in the book, the crew of pirates have come to believe that the children they abducted are guilty of murder. So the pirate crew stops coddling the children, and they proceed to slaughter the pet pig.

An excerpt:

“Thunder was slain and eaten the next day, without any regard for the feelings of his lovers; indeed, all tenderness towards the children vanished. […] They were treated with a detached severity not wholly divorced from fear — as if these unfortunate men at last realized what a diabolic yeast had been introduced into their lump.

So sensible were the children themselves of the change that they even forgot to mourn Thunder — excepting Laura, whose face burned an angry red for half a day.

But the ship’s monkey, on the other hand, now with no pig to tease, nearly died of ennui.”



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