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Re: wrestling match with art, Pt. I
Re: re: wrestling match with art, Pt. II

Hey stumblers all, can I interview you?

If you care to answer, kindly post the Q&A on your blog by reviewing this very post, so I can read your answers.
If not, simply ignore, and stumble on.

1. What is art?

2. Do you consider yourself an artist of a sort?

3. What is an “artist”?

4. Does art serve a purpose, or is it just a useful means of escapism?

5. Has art become just a new, inventive form of product placement due to rampant capitalism?

6. Can things like advertisements or commercials, et al, be considered “artistic”?

7. What do you make of Banksy?

8. What do you make of graffiti art?

8.1 Is it improving our banal living conditions, and thus enhancing our lives, or taking away from the “inherent beauty of cities”?

9. The Supreme Court defines pornography as a form of media: “(a) whether the ‘average person, applying contemporary community standards’ would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest, (b) whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law, and (c) whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.”

That aside, can art be pornographic, and vice versa?

10. Given the way the record industry has worked with pop culture in the last decade, can pop music be considered art? Should we continue to call some musicians “artists”?

11. Are tribute bands actually a form of art?

12. Were Dada and surrealism good for the artistic community as a whole?

13. Who do you consider to be the most under-appreciated artist of the last century?

14. Is Chuck Palahniuk an artist or a cultural critic?

15. Is Agitprop a form of art?

16. Can one lead an “artistic life”, or is that simply a pipe-dream many aspire to have without considering the implications?

17. What do you consider to be the most underrated form of art in today’s culture?

18. The scientist seeks “truth” through presumably unbiased observations in the real world, while the philosopher seeks truth through his/her understanding of the mechanics of both the world around him/her and his/her own mind. Does the artist seek a “truth” or has s/he dispensed with the notion of Truth altogether?

19. Artistically, have we evolved as a culture, or devolved?

20. Is art “fallen from grace” or in the process of seeking its own liberation?


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