Crispin Glover on art, Werner Herzog, David Letterman snafu

There are 7 wise figures I could listen to drone on and on and on and on about absolutely anything under the sun until the end of time. Meaning, they could be talking about the color of their toothbrush, and I still would be listening intently, knuckles propped under my chin, sighing.

1. Orson Welles
2. Richard P. Feynman
3. Jorge Luis Borges
4. William S. Burroughs
5. Alan Watts
6. Fred Rogers



Furthermore, I challenge ANYONE to show me a resume of
any living person that kicks more ass than Crispin Glover’s.
No one is clearly as cool as Crispin Glover is.

(Peter Lorre’s and Bruce Lee’s CVs being the exception, of course, since they have long passed away.)


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