Foreign Activists Manage to Pierce Chinas Broad Security Apparatus

China is making a fool of themselves in front of the entire world.

What do you guys think the fallout of this impending debacle will be? I’m sure that after the games are over, the books, interviews, and retrospectives will begin pouring out horror stories about what it’s like to be an athlete trying to participate or a journalist trying to cover the games under the boot of this authoritarian regime.

I wish I had more guts to fly there and unfurl a banner of the Tank Man, though it would be like preaching to the choir, because obviously the citizens of the PRC have never even seen the video footage at all!

Recently in the news, I heard that a US athlete has been barred from attending the games for being part of a charity that wants to stop the genocide in Darfur. That’s some real good PR. (Also I roll my eyes at US’ attempt to politicize the event further by having the US flag be carried by a refugee from Darfur at the opening ceremony.)

Do you think an event like this can open up PRC to the rest of the world? Or is this going to be more like the 1936 games, where the Chinese will now be able to show off what we all have to look forward to when their military begins to spill into neighboring countries?



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