The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

More thoughts to add on top of this.

I think the real problem is (while we can all agree that hosting the Olympics is a major embarrassment for the PRC and they will live to regret it), there is a historical rule of thumb, which is quite painful and disgusting for us to swallow:

Whatever you do, whatever you say, no matter how much you fight the regime,
approximately 1.3 billion Chinese citizens don’t have to give a fuck.

China is in the superior position of having occupied a huge fucking piece of land, with almost every fucking major resource imaginable, for a good several thousand years. If you look back at their history, up until the 19th century, China’s foreign policy could be summarized in two sentences:

“Be respectful of us, and we possibly won’t invade. If you invade us,
we are not going to stop you, but all your grandchildren will be Chinese.”

The Chinese named their country, the Middle Kingdom. There’s a pervasive sense that China just doesn’t need anyone else. That sense has been backed up by reality through most of their history. Even right now, if they were forced into a hermit kind of isolationism, they’d probably get by just fine without the rest of the world.

Given the human rights track record of the PRC especially in their brutal rape of Tibet, this of course frightens the shit out of me.

What frightens me even more is that they feel they can squander that much good public relations, and get away with it.

Because, as horrifying as it sounds, I think they really can.

That doesn’t mean they are not embarrassing themselves in the process. It just means that they can and will most probably censor all information about it from their own people. They will rattle sabers at any other nation who makes this an issue, and go on about their own damn business anyway.

And shame on the stumblers who thumbed this link up. Your support in this rape disgusts me. But then again, there is also the issue of this, which I know I too am guilty of and doesn’t really give me the right to cry shame on you:


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