Gibran Khalil Gibran

Gibran seems to understand what it takes to create, to desire so strongly to render physical that which has no name, that which was formless, and then to let it come about on its own. At times we give these things, these moments, these feelings names. Some call it sparks, like detonators to start a reaction. Others call it reflections, or epiphanies. And at times, a playful memory or a word or phrase is bestowed upon this, the birth of love. “See this!” we often say, “This is a passion so strong it can not be contained.”

This is how I feel Gibran speaks to me, to you and to all: “And, you, on the other side, I invite you. I invite you in to read me as my lover, my friend, my student, my child, my enemy. You are allowed everything and anything – smiles, tears, laughter, kisses, an angry punch, you can even forget.”

You know, if there’s anything I learned from the little I learned in all my 25 years, it’s that: if you always think of reasons not to seek that which frees you, then you’ll always find something to keep you locked in your own prison.

But at one point, you realize that you just have to let go, and give your heart and mind what they truly deserve.

Gibran writes of this in The Prophet.


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