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The problem is — sad to say, and I apologize for this observation if it offends any one — that most Americans aren’t cerebral. US citizens like to get their political notions in soundbites (and this also applies universally across the political spectrum). They do not have internal values. Values require the rational examination of motivations for the decisions we make. Perhaps there are some vague, and general “ideas”, but they are nothing that approaches the level of values at all.

Of course, this is just to say that the leaders do not have any values either. (This is the case as well back home in the Philippines.) Leaders do not have values. They have agendas. Agendas are probably bad things to have, because instead of formulating policy in ways that achieve values, they formulate it in ways that achieve specific goals. In the policy-making world, goals are bad “juju.” They’re artificial and limited, and they ultimately don’t live beyond the point where they’re attained at all. This is the difference between a goal-oriented law passed in say, 2006 (Military Commissions Act), and a much more value-driven type of legislation written some hundred years ago by the founders of the USA. The difference is that one is by its very nature — myopic and weak, while the other is robust and far-sighted (but only if you have the intellectual fortitude to think it through). I really don’t think America’s founding fathers counted on today’s citizenry and leaders becoming a giant vat of non-thinkers.

Anyway, I still maintain what I wrote here 5 months ago, impartial as it is. (Though I honestly think that, those who will vote for Obama — their votes aren’t going to waste at all, because they are certainly going to be winning votes in the end. Hopefully, maybe, just maybe, it will be a good “change” YOU “can all believe in” from the incumbent’s administration.)



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