If Palin were a man, we wouldn’t be reading this very article, because she would never even be picked in the first place: this woman is anti-choice, anti-gay, and pro-creationism. Her leaning towards Dominionist views and even her views on environmental issues make her a questionable candidate as vice-president. Man or woman, she is clearly the wrong candidate. She also has virtually little experience in politics: given how the McCain camp has been wagging a finger at Obama on his inexperience in politics and young age, how can McCain’s camp possibly overlook their own hypocrisy or think they can get away with it?

Any thinking American woman in her right mind should be insulted, as a woman first and foremost, by McCain’s choice of a woman — any woman — as a pandering move, an obvious pandering move, plain and simple. But, clearly, it will backfire to the demographics they are trying to woo because anyone who has supported Hillary Clinton WILL MOST DEFINITELY NOT support Sarah Palin, as their views are opposed diametrically. Any thinking American woman ought to be insulted that McCain thinks so little of women, believing that her views on choice, education, the environment and religion will be overlooked, only because she has a uterus. Did he really think that her views will be overlooked by any thinking American citizen, merely because if he gets elected, it will still be "monumental" and "progressive" having brought a woman into the seat of the vice-president for the first time in US history?

What I’m trying to say is that there are so many women right now who are proactive in US politics, and so many of these women are far more qualified as a running mate. He could’ve picked a vice-president running mate with more sound judgment on local and global issues, regardless of ANY gender. McCain had the opportunity to be brilliant in his choice — he could have gone for awe-inspiring progress instead of blatant pandering. So what does this choice say about John McCain’s judgment? (Christ, and I thought Bush was an idiot!)

People claim that history has proven the vice-president ticket as a usually irrelevant one, but think about this: if McCain were to win the Presidency, his running mate stands a chance of taking over as President at some point, given his age and medical issues, so Americans who are voting for McCain should also reconsider Palin being their President. Weak argument, I know, but still something any thinking American should consider.

Anyway. This move may give McCain a bump up in the polls, but her strong pro-life views will backfire anyway from the demographic they’re trying to court, and unless Palin dons some sort of dramatic political brilliance in the next 8 weeks, McCain has definitely handed the Presidency over to Obama.


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