The nonsense that Bill O’Reilly is using to draw Barrack Obama in is utter rope-a-dope.

Obama, you have to stop trading barbs with THEM over these little stuff AND START hammering the hard stuff nonstop, if you have any hope of winning at this point. I’m talking Katrina, stolen elections, torture, war, the economy. You vow to fight them, but fighting them cannot be boxing at shadows like this.

The corporate media news game is to report a, "he-said-she-said" back and forth, forcing each side to "respond" to the other. It’s obvious that corporate journalism still adheres to the old paradigm where one side says something and the other side responds. Whereas any actual, responsible, FAIR journalism would also mention whether or not any given allegation was verifiable, true, false, etc.

But since we cannot depend on the corporate media to do that for us, it’s really up to Obama to respond in a more effective manner than he has so far. The stream of bullshit coming out of the GOP needs to be ignored completely. What needs to be addressed, over and over, is their actions.


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