Fed in AIG rescue – $85B loan – Sep. 16, 2008


This adage is clearly wrong, but only for some people. Some people, pigs that they are, can have their cake and eat it too. And eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and
eat and eat and eat and eat.

And just so we’re on the same page, American folks who read this, it is YOU, you who work hard and pay your taxes — you, sadly, are going to pay for this. You are going to pay for pigshit. You will either pay with runaway inflation, or you will pay with a higher tax. And, sadly, it is also highly probable that you will pay with the collapse of your government, I fear.

So, here, we have the incompetence of big-profit business who have made bad choices, and they are rewarded. Not rescued. Rewarded. And at whose expense? American, you hardworking taxpayer, you who read this, it is at YOUR expense.

Fact. The Fed is bailing out AIG with a staggering $85 billion quote-unquote loan. Does this not anger you? These thieving pig executives struck it rich by running their banks straight into the ground, and here now you have to foot the bills for them.

And you know, this sort of crap will be the death of American economy. This is the worst I have ever heard of corporate welfare. The worst ever. I am utterly disgusted.

Americans, if you are not outraged, now would be a good time.

If you feel that there is still some democracy left in your system, and if you feel that you are still able to exercise certain rights, then you’ve got to DO SOMETHING.

(I am not an American, and already I feel like throwing up in disgust, but mostly because it will have serious ramifications for other nations too. And whether you are American or Filipino or wherever in the world you come from, you just cannot turn your head away and not care or not be in panic over this catastrophe. Because in the end, we will all pay for this too. So you just can’t.)


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