Don’t you find it hilarious that most Republicans and even some Democrats in the House have refused the first bailout bill, claiming that its lack of oversight (among its other shifty statutes) went against their ideologies and personal interests as both conservatives and liberals —

— until of course $150B worth of pork funds were dangled in front of them like they were a bunch of rabid hungry dogs?

Disgusting. I’m less pissed at the congressmen who voted for it a second time (who actually MAY think this is the best thing they can do quickly to assure a soft landing of the market collapse) than the sellouts who gave in for the sake of some useless pork.

Remember your rhetorics, people, it’s not called a bail-out anymore. It’s a hand-out.

Here’s a re-enactment of what had I believe REALLY transpired:

House: We are utterly and completely AGAINST THIS BILL!!!

*starts dangling $$pork$$ in front of them*

House: WAIT. WHAT. US? Against this bill? Never, not ever!!! It’s only right for the country! It’s what will save this country and preserve the strong fundamentals of this great American economy!

Bush: QUIET! QUIT that kind of talk or I shall have no choice but to declare Martial Law.

(Now a quote) From the page: “Watchdog groups including Taxpayers for Common Sense have been tracking some of these obscure tax breaks for years, and have published the most glaring examples. They say the small-print provisions represent billions in tax breaks for certain American industries, and were added as “sweeteners” to encourage reluctant House members to approve the bailout bill.

“Tucked into pages 262 and 263 of the bill, for example, are provisions that will aid the manufacturers of “certain wooden arrows designed for use by children.” The bill will exempt the arrows from an excise tax of 39 cents. There are also tax breaks for race-track owners, for rum imported from Puerto Rico, for worsted wool makers, Hollywood film and television production companies and on and on.”

So shut up, all of you, and let’s break out some of that tax-free Puerto Rican-brew rum.


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