Economists for Obama: Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

First off, you should all know that I don’t like Sarah Palin because I really do not have any tolerance nor respect for women who are anti-choice than I do with men who are anti-choice. So there.

Secondly. I don’t buy into that whole “folksy-Washington-outsider-gosh-darn” act. I’m not saying she’s faking it, but it is quite obvious that she was forcing it all the more in order to maintain some kind of civility or politeness. I guess it would’ve worked had Biden come off as a bully or just batshit-insane during last night’s debate, but he didn’t. (I like Biden’s passionate but formidable stance, personally.) So I guess her show of being “folksy” just seemed very inappropriate and out-of-placed for a debate atmosphere, and also too condescending and insincere.

Another thing. During last night’s debate she reiterated that she doesn’t attribute all of man’s actions to climate change. Really? REALLY, PALIN, REALLY? Didn’t any of her handlers let her know that phrase was wrong, and would be ridiculed the way she said something like that the last time? Or does she really not get the difference at all between attributing man’s actions to climate change and attributing climate change to man’s actions? God, clearly, she is as dumb as a post.

I can’t believe the bar of this debate was raised lower and the format was altered in order to accommodate a stupid candidate whose answers — if they weren’t false claims themselves already — did not fit the questions and issues raised at all.

And all the fake twitching and grinning and winking? I believe that was her ear-prompter giving her a bit of a shock, scolding her to stay focused on John McCain’s debate cue cards.


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