In Italian, one way of saying “I love you” is “I wish you well”.

As Andre Comte-Sponville writes, with reference to Spinoza: “Love is a joy that accompanies the idea of its cause. ‘Your existence fills me with joy,’ is a declaration of love that expects nothing from the other person.”

I love you. I do not worship you, because you are not a god. But I cherish you as a human being.
No other body moves me as your body does.

You dwell in my thoughts, but in the most intimate embrace I neither possess you nor belong to you.

A foretaste of eternity, infinity at the heart of the finite, the love that I bear you leaves intact the mystery that is you.
Nothing can ever be taken for granted.

If we are not inured to happiness, if the sense of wonder has not deserted us,
we may hope to attain the secret that grants joy to the body and peace to the soul.

{ Florence Montreynaud }


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