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Re-reading Rumi’s verses with these eyes and this heart that feel like brand new, I have come to learn from the teacher himself that there is only one love.

There is only one love. Filial or parental, brotherly or sisterly, familial or friendly, sexual or emotional, passionate or reasoned, love for a woman or love for a man, for the other, for a god or for humanity, for the living or the dead, for abstract things such as country or nature, or for words, animals and things — Love is One: simply because, all love is born out of the one zest for life. All love helps us to live.

It is evident in Rumi’s words that he teaches how loving is finding one’s riches outside one’s self.

Rumi also writes that loving means making room within oneself to welcome the other.

Most importantly, he teaches us that loving is both knowing and not knowing. It is waking up each day to a renewed sense of wonder.

I urge all of you to re-read Rumi’s poetry and teachings, and try to discover how he speaks to you. Ask your self: what meaning does his words elicit in the deepest caverns of your heart? How are his words relevant to what you know of love and loving, and that which you have yet to find out about pain and dying, and vice versa?


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