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Well. In my language, which is Filipino, there are exactly 88 different words for “to see” or “to look at.”
There are 17 which mean “to bear” or “to carry” in different ways.
And there are over one hundred words for the different kinds of “touch.”

For example:

Kumilik. To carry on the hip
Sakbibi. To carry in one’s arms; but also, to bear the weight of sadness.
Babahin. To carry someone on your back, with their arms around your neck.

Matanaw. To see from far away.
Nanliliksik. To stare fiercely and with defiance.

Idiit. To touch one inanimate object with another inanimate object.
Masagi. To touch accidentally.
Sumalang. To touch only very lightly, with no pressure (as if grazing a wound or something fragile and delicate; to keep from hurting or damaging)
Tumimo. To touch in order to generate a deep feeling in the recipient.
Makahibang. To touch in a way that makes the recipient slightly crazy.


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