Prayer — Galway Kinnell

I remember the night I stopped praying. How the evening eye turned back into a lonely moon. The feeling has resurfaced lately. Of foolishness for some of my beliefs when they have not been rewarding. Of resignation, of abandon, of an ultimatum.

Faith is so strange.

I am already beginning a new year, which for me has already been surprising, lovely and yet turbulent. I remember last year’s plate was always full with painful, traumatic events that will take years to process. Still I didn’t completely forget that last year’s plate also offered me desserts sweeter for their brevity and jaw-dropping happenstance. People and places just change you, simple as that.

Letting go of beliefs can also mean freedom, a change of focus & course. To sever the dry branch that squanders a tree’s resources.

This will be the year I will say I do. This will be the year I do.

And I do. With all my heart and body and mind and soul, and every willing part of me, I do.



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