Establishment Washington unifies against prosecutions – Glenn Greenwald –

Exhibit A. The 42nd US President: caught in a lie broadcast in public media and under oath, regarding an activity that was immoral, BUT NOT illegal — and led to an immediate investigation and call for impeachment, which has stained his legacy.

Exhibit B. The 43rd US President: proudly and publicly admitted to a number of felonies and war crimes, along with his vice-president, his two secretaries of defense and two attorneys-general, declared the ENTIRE executive above the law, and declared the vice-president accountable to no one in the government, except to the president, retroactively changed laws in an attempt to clear their wrongdoing when the immorality and criminality became obvious to even the most simple-minded American person passively watching the evening news — AND YET Washington is still united behind moving on with NO prosecutions or investigation.*

Wow. What a difference a decade made.

* This is despite the fact that the US has more than once pushed for prosecution of foreign and domestic agents who used waterboarding as war criminals in the last decade.



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