Monkeys and apes know right from wrong, scientists say | Mail Online

— and they show evidence of a basic morality, without billions having to be slaughtered for refusing to follow one of some several sets of rules carved into stone and clay tablets 20-60 centuries ago.

For the people who are all, “All law comes from morality which comes from the Bible” and “My Bible is the source of all the best morality and law”, here it is: evidence of morality being useful for perpetuating animal societies. And that means animal morality could predate humans even walking on this earth by eons and eons ago, which means human morality was probably there for hundreds of millennia too — long before Moses, Solomon, Muhammad, Hammurabi, Solon, or any lawgiver.

But I guess it shouldn’t be all that surprising. Any social animal has to have some basic rules for how to behave within its society. You see it in cats all the time, for example, who have very complex social interactions. It is only a small step from social rules to morality after all.



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