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In the spirit of these, I encourage you, STUMBLERS ALL, to review this page with uncomfortable movie plot summaries of your own!

Robocop: Renegade police officers destroy last remaining utopian vision for the city of Detroit.

Lady Snowblood: Young Japanese chick single-handedly commits genocide to seek revenge for her mother’s death, only to be ripped apart by Quentin Tarantino 30 years later.

Labyrinth: David Bowie loses hot teenage girl to multiple animatronic puppets.

Rashomon: Multiple witnesses fail to present consistent coherent tale to audience.

The Godfather: Son of successful businessman takes over family business through nepotism, immediately goes on killing spree.

An American Tail: A father’s promise of greener pastures in America turns out to be grossly exaggerated and completely false.

The Lion King: Dynasty proven the best form of government.

Ingmar Bergman The Seventh Seal: Everyone dies, especially during the Black Death.

Woody Allen’s The Purple Rose of Cairo: Fangirl chooses to embrace real life after finding out that it really sucks completely compared to the movies.

The Cube: People thrown in postmodern prison learn useful applications of advanced mathematics.

Battle Royale: No Japanese schoolchildren were left unharmed in the making of this film.

Let’s hear yours!



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