Just saw the first exclusive clip for (bows down) Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus! Words cannot describe how excited I am for this, but I shall try. In an interview, Terry Gilliam claimed that this movie is his magnum opus: it is his “Fanny and Alexander” (I. Bergman) and his “Amarcord” (F. Fellini).

Worth noting are Tom Waits and Christopher Plummer’s roles in the film. It is also Heath Ledger’s last film, where his character seamlessly transforms into Johnny Depp then becomes Jude Law then becomes Colin Farrell. Terry Gilliam said he brought the late actor’s friends Depp, Law and Farrell in to finish the film in the wake of Ledger’s departure.

The official trailer released some of the storyboards to the movie – you might want to see it too.


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