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Eric and I just saw Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds today. Can I just say that the opening scene alone — which begins with a sinister but playful bastardization of Fur Elise as the background score — immediately fulfills where QT promises to take us with this spaghetti western genre-bender: to an utter slice & dice (literally!) of everything you ever knew about WW2 & its key players – the Nazis, the Jews, the Americans (and their Apache roots), the French, the Brits – and also portrays the death of classic German cinema in the hands of Goebbels & Riefenstahl. IT’S A MUST SEE FOR LOVERS OF THE MOVIES, ENNIO MORRICONE & ALTERNATIVE HISTORY BUFFS! Go see it.

Now I watch almost 20-45 movies every month (from various sources: the theater, Netflix, uTorrent downloads, Hulu, You Tube streams, etc), and I don’t usually post reviews here for every single time I see a film that I find remarkable and memorable. So when I write go see it, I mean GO. SEE. IT. NOW.



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