When Protesters Bring Guns to Health-Care Town Halls – TIME


It would be one thing to open-carry on a debate on the 2nd Amendment, but when you bring killing technology to a debate on healthcare, then you’ve gone completely beyond irony and into some new level of neurotic schism. People who bring guns to a venue which is already erupting in heated discussion DOES NOTHING to increase the security of the debate nor does it ensure anyone’s rights or personal freedom. It is merely a chilling act of intimidation that isn’t going to alarm the government a bit, despite the media being all over it, but it certainly will have a big impact on the citizens who are deciding whether or not they should participate in these debates.

The idiots who bring guns and assault rifles to town hall debates have got it ALL wrong. You don’t get the government to fear the citizens by bringing guns to a discussion. That only gets citizens to turn against each other. You get the government to fear the citizens by putting the power back where it belongs constitutionally: in the hands of the people electing representatives who are beholden and accountable to them, and not the other way around. You do it by toppling the illegitimate corporate citizens that warp the process out of the hands of the people through millions of dollars.

I guess what I’m saying is, this: if you are mad and unintelligent enough to walk the streets strapped, please do every citizen of the United States a favor, and exercise your rights in an insurance or pharmaceutical corporation board room, NOT a town hall debate.


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