Donating to Manila from abroad & moongirl

As you all know, my home country, the Philippines, was devastated by Typhoon Ondoy (also known as Ketsana), which killed hundreds of people, submerged entire cities, and left millions of my Filipino countrymen homeless. We need all the help we can get. Relief & rescue operations are being carried out by the more fortunate Filipinos who were unharmed by the typhoon and other organizations, because our government is so corrupt & flawed.

But for those like me who live far away to put together relief goods and participate in volunteer operations:

IF YOU ARE LIVING IN THE U.S. & WOULD LIKE TO HELP IN THE ONDOY TYPHOON RELIEF EFFORT, one option is to call the American Red Cross at 1-800-435-7669. Please choose the 3rd option (International Donation), then tell the operator that your donation is for the Ondoy (Ketsana) typhoon victims in the Philippines.

This link I thumbed up was compiled by my friend Luna Cruz, and is a list of all the various ways Filipinos and non-Filipinos can help out in the Typhoon Ondoy relief effort from abroad.


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